Friday, January 13, 2006

Cool Computers with Olive Oil?

Okay, I admit this is in the geeky category but it was too good to pass up. Even personal computers require cooling and the necessary fans can add to the energy bill. I found this in words of yovo who found it in Tom's Hardware:
Common sense dictates that submerging your high-end PC in cooking oil is not a good idea. But, of course, engineering feats and science breakthroughs were made possible by those who dared to explore the realms of the non-conventional. Members of the Munich-based THG lab are only too happy to confirm this fact. And not only did we find that our AMD Athlon FX-55 and GeForce 6800 Ultra equipped system didn't short out when we filled the sealed shut PC case with cooking oil - but the non-conductive properties of the liquid coupled created a totally cool and quiet high-end PC, devoid of the noise pollution of fans. The PC case - or should we say tank - also offered a new and novel way to display and show off your PC components.
It's nice to see innovation is still alive and well.


Anonymous See To It said...

Wait a second, these dudes are from Munich? Here in Milan what are we supposed to do, cool our PCs with BEER??? Or maybe cool ourselves. You ask me, this is a travesty on good olive oil. Don't they know it's for making GREAT SLOW FOOD???????

3:37 AM  
Anonymous Craig said...

Not to worry. With some filtering, used cooking oil may work just as well.

I have a friend who has a converted Mercedes that runs clean on used cooking oil that restaurants usually throw away. He drives in S. California and saves a bundle on gas.

Italian cuisine is likely to survive a few centuries more.

12:23 PM  

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