Monday, July 31, 2006

American Casualties Up from Year Ago

A year ago last June, Dick Cheney had the arrogance to claim that the insurgents were "in their last throes." He repeated the claim again this year. However, in an eight-week period ending July 26 (last Wednesday), 903 Americans were wounded. Last year, in a similar eight-week period in June and July, 795 Americans were wounded. This year fatalities have dropped from 132 to 105 in the June/July periods.

What's startling about this year is that the number of seriously wounded Americans in Iraq (those who don't return to duty in three days or less) has more than doubled for the June/July period. In 2005, during the June/July period, 161 Americans were seriously wounded; in 2006, the number is 387 (source: icasualties). One can't infer too much from statistics but one thing is clear: Dick Cheney is wrong—again.

Let's hope the seriously wounded are getting all the medical attention they need.


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