Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Quick Blogging Roundup

Rivka of Respectful of Otters has been back for a couple of months. I kept checking her blog every two weeks after she stopped in September of last year and then around May I stopped. But I'm glad to see her back. Here's a post of hers from two months ago called: The President as Monarch.

The Anonymous Liberal has a post from three days ago on General McCaffrey and what he thinks about Iraq and Iran. McCaffrey has a polite and professional way of saying Bush is guilty of dereliction of duty. He also says the fallout from bombing Iran would cost us more than the Iranians.

Bush keeps doing a ridiculous song and a dance on what a great job he's doing in the aftermath of Katrina. How can anyone be serious about looking to Bush for leadership these days? Mahablog takes the Vacationer-in-Chief to task.

Steve Soto of The Left Coaster thinks the Democrats need to hammer Bush on Katrina as well as Iraq. Think of it. Our president is a failure at foreign policy. And a failure on the domestic front.

S.W. Anderson, who has made many insightful comments on Donkey Path reminds us that not all Iranian ex-presidents are extremists. Here's his post at Oh!Pinion.


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