Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Flailing Desperately, Republicans Just Make Up Things as They Go

I got a good laugh out of this, courtesy of Think Progress:
Snow: President Bush Has ‘Actually Taken The Lead’ On Climate Change

Today White House Press Secretary Tony Snow stated that “contrary to stereotype,” President Bush has been “actively engaged in trying to fight climate change.” He also took issue with a reporter’s comment that the United States has been absent from a global emissions and cap trade program, arguing that the Bush administration has “actually taken the lead on those kinds of innovations.”

Too funny. I can't help sympathizing with former Bush press secretary, Scott McClellan. As the White House leaned on McClellan more and more to just outright lie, he just couldn't do it. While McClellan's press conferences were infuriating, they were also painful to watch. He would wriggle and squirm and spin and bloviate and pontificate and change the subject but he just couldn't lie outright. But his replacement, Tony Snow, has no problem in that department.

It can't be said too often: George W. Bush and his friends in Congress have nothing to run on. That's why we're hearing so much nonsense.


Anonymous S.W. Anderson said...

It's just like Bush's amazing statement that his strategy hasn't been to stay the course.

The man is a synthesis of Joe Isuzu and Clark Griswold (of the National Lampoon Vacation movies). However, because he's president and has cost so many real people their lives and limbs, he's not funny.

10:48 PM  

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