Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bush Speech More of the Same Nonsense

I'm sitting here listening. It's embarrassing to watch 'deer-in-the-headlights' Bush. There's the usual b.s. public relations items: '9-11,' 'global war on terror,' 'al Qaida,' "radical Islamic empire,' 'ideological conflict,' 'a new sanctuary for extremists,' 'a change of strategy' (there is no change of strategy, just modest change in tactics).

There's also the sham of blaming Bush's failure on Maliki and the Iraqis. And also an awful lack of understanding of the civil war in Iraq or the issues. Bush will also throw a little money at problems that should have been dealt with three years ago. Reconstruction in Iraq, by the way, has become nothing more than a fancy word for bribery that winds up in the hands of well-connected Iraqis and others.

Bush promises all kind of things that have been tried before and failed miserably under the guidance of the same Bush cronies and advisers. The part about Iran and Syria is a profound strategic blunder. Bush is moving towards a bigger conflict without the consent of the American people. And Condi Rice is being sent off again to do her usual incompetent whatever.

Bush's speech is an extreme right-wing ideological speech. 'Stay the course' is alive and well. And he's clearly on his way to expanding the war. Bush's idea of bringing freedom to others is not my idea. When Bush talks about a government that answers to its people, he seems to have forgotten the vast majority of Americans. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a constitutional crisis.

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