Thursday, February 22, 2007

America's Lunatic Far Right Wants Third War

Advice: just as a precaution, it would not be a bad move to keep a full gas tank for the next few weeks. War is not inevitable but the recklessness of the far right continues and the Republicans in Congress are still playing rubber stamp to Bush and Cheney's fear mongering. Bush has already committed the greatest strategic failure in American history with his war in Iraq. The war in Iraq will become the second greatest strategic failure if Bush launches a war with Iran. These guys have no end game. Let me repeat that: George W. Bush and Dick Cheney have no end game. Americans need to understand that. The media needs to understand that and a few voices are finally beginning to speak up. Already there are Republicans who are breaking ranks in Congress. More Republicans need to follow.

Think Progress has the story on right wingers aiding and abetting the possible extension of the Bush/Cheney foreign policy fiasco:
McClatchy [Mercury News]: “‘I still believe, at the end of the day, that he will bomb the Iranian (nuclear) facilities,’ said Joshua Muravchik, a neoconservative scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, a think tank with close ties to the Bush administration.

Think Progress also quotes Rush Limbaugh who claims Americans will cheer the beginning of Bush's third war. This American will not be cheering. Bush and Cheney have no concrete accomplishments to their name in the last six years and yet their friends are urging them to compound their blunders with more war. Properly speaking, such a war would call for impeachment. With or without a third war, impeachment is not going to happen any time soon. Given that we can't call back the missiles once they're launched, I would settle for Congress immediately restricting the war powers of these two very reckless and very arrogant right wing politicians with their imperial pretensions. Congress has the authority. It's time for the adults to step forward.

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