Friday, March 16, 2007

The White House Hazy Memory Defense Being Used Again

It's becoming obvious that facts, those pesky things that the rich and powerful dislike, are not well received at the White House these days. Suddenly, a virus is loose in the White House: the cconvenient hazy memory virus that appears every time White House officials get in trouble.

In the wake of the firing of US Attorneys for political purposes, The Huffington Post has the latest on the White House Hazy Memory Syndrome:
The White House dropped its contention Friday that former Counsel Harriet Miers first raised the idea of firing U.S. attorneys, blaming "hazy memories" as e-mails shed new light on Karl Rove's role. Support eroded further for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Presidential press secretary Tony Snow previously had asserted Miers was the person who came up with the idea, but he said Friday, "I don't want to try to vouch for origination." He said, "At this juncture, people have hazy memories."

Scooter Libby has hazy memory. Karl Rove has hazy memory. Alberto Gonzales has hazy memory. Tony Snow appears to be the press person for a whole White House of hazy memory. It's amazing any of these guys can find their way to the front door of the White House each morning.

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Anonymous S.W. Anderson said...

Hmmm, maybe St. Ronald left some bug behind at the White House.

Note, too, the recurring out-of-the-loop malady. Al "The Fixer" Gonzales was supposedly out of the loop when the attorney dumping was in the planning stages, even if e-mails indicate he was in on the planning before he became attorney general.

Big Al was also out of the loop about how his chief of staff was occupying his working days — for two whole years!

And, of course, we're supposed to believe the president and vice president hadn't the faintest notion about any of it, except that they had a perfect right to dump any or all of the U.S. attorneys at any moment, for any reason. They're really lucid about that.

Come to think of it, the out-of-the-loop malady might even be hereditary. That was the excuse George H.W. Bush used when he did his Sgt. Shultz routine ("I know nuthinkkk!") during the Iran-Contra investigations.

9:30 PM  

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