Wednesday, January 02, 2008

John Edwards for President

The Dow Jones went down 220 points today. Oil momentarily hit $100 a barrel. The price of real estate around the country continues to fall. We are now in a period of a weird stagflation where some prices rise like gas and food and some prices fall like real estate, sometimes forcing, in many cases, higher mortgage payments. For 27 years, conservatives have been in charge in Washington. The Republican leadership in particular has no ideas and has no clue where our nation and the world are going. The most incompetent president in the history of our nation remains in the White House. Despite numerous issues that would have gotten any other president impeached, Bush will probably finish out his presidency in 2009.

There are good presidential candidates on the Democratic side. The Republican side, unfortunately, is like a nightmare from some dark era like the 1930s. The media continues to think of politics as some sort of entertainment as our country slides backwards for the first time in more than half a century. We're told that technology is going to save us but we're doing little to develop the kind of technology that is essential. We're developing technological toys we do not need and new medical technology hardly anyone can afford. We're offered pie in the sky technology schemes that were pie in the sky thirty years ago. The energy crisis is real. Global warming is a profound threat to our future. Other resource problems are increasingly coming into focus and the picture is sobering. Political tensions are growing around the world as our foreign policy erodes. The only country in the world that can provide a reasonable level of leadership in the world has been awol for seven years. Things will only get worse if some sort of clone of Bush is elected. Things may not move quickly enough if a Democrat who isn't committed to change fails to see in time the problems our nation is facing. Still, Democrats are the most realistic hope at the moment. Americans need to take their future into their hands and deal with it the only way that has ever made sense: at the ballot box.

If Americans want change, if they want reform, the candidate most likely to move in a meaningful direction towards the kinds of changes we need is John Edwards.

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Anonymous S.W. Anderson said...

Amazing how brilliant minds lock onto the same thought. I've been hoping Joe Biden's campaign would catch fire. Alas, it hasn't. So, at this point, Edwards tops my list as well.

The rap on Edwards from other candidates is that he's angry. In fact, every American whose head is not up his or her butt should be mad enough to chew 10-penny nails and spit bullets.

I'm near to finishing John Dean's excellent book, Broken Government. The chapter on what the radical right has done to the judicial system alone is more than worth the price.

Good to see you posting again. Happy New Year, and feel welcome to stop by Oh!pinion whenever you have a moment.

1:04 PM  
Blogger Terrell said...

John Edwards is also my first choice. But I will work for either of the other two as if they were my first choice (as SW says) should John fall. If I could appoint one of this years candidates it might have been Biden. If Obama wins, we'll certainly have an inspiring orator. His victory speech in Iowa was one of the greatest I've ever heard.

8:22 PM  
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