Sunday, February 20, 2011

The GOP: Angry and without Solutions: Part II

The betrayal of the American people by the governor of Wisconsin is another bizarre event in our nation's recent history. Here's a pathetic comment by the governor, according to Reuters:
Fourteen state Democratic senators have left the state to deny the Wisconsin legislature a quorum needed to consider the controversial proposal.

Those senators have "failed to do their jobs," Walker said on Fox Network's "Fox News Sunday."

The Republican governor seems to be confused about the economic trouble in Wisconsin and elsewhere in America. It was Republican George W. Bush and his friends in Congress who destroyed the economy, not Democrats. It is Republican crony capitalism that is undermining the income of 90% of Americans. It is Republican leaders who are doing their best to make sure Republican plutocrats and the corporations those wealthy people control become even more wealthy. And what what will those plutocrats do with their money? Believe it or not, they'll create China.

The unions know these are hard times and are willing to negotiate concessions. That's not the issue. The issue is that workers have rights and a governor or a political party cannot wish them away. That's the line in the sand that if Americans allow Republicans to ignore, it will end America as we have known it all our lives. Republican Governor Walker thinks destroying the middle class is a solution. A solution to what?

Update: The Wall Street Journal is owned by Rupert Murdoch, a billionaire who is the sugar daddy for a lot of right wing Republicans. Murdoch doesn't care much for American workers. So it's insulting to American workers when The Wall Street Journal runs a cute survey for its mostly conservative readers:
Should state employees have collective-bargaining rights?

Ohio and Wisconsin are considering a bill which would strip state's public employees of most collective-bargaining rights. What do you think? Would the end of collective bargaining for public workers means new savings and efficiencies for taxpayers? Or would it be unfair to state worker.

The question is a con job. It is designed to divide American workers against one another. The real question is whether American workers still have rights, period. That is the only question that is important. Has anyone notice the unemployment rate lately? Has anyone noticed that Republicans are cutting jobs and putting people out of work? Has anyone noticed that Republicans have been giving more and more rights to corporations and that more and more corporate rights hamper the rights of working Americans?

Unions were started for a simple reason: people noticed that conservative employers overvalued what they did for their employees and undervalued what their employees did for them. We either return to a greater degree of fairness in the workplace or the United States becomes a third world country. If you care about your family and your children, stop supporting Republicans who take their paycheck from Republican billionaires.

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