Friday, May 27, 2011

Job Killer: Just Another Republican Politician

It's starting to dawn on Americans that Republican politicians are so obsessed with tax cuts for the wealthy (so they can buy more plants in China), that they're killing jobs during the worst unemployment America has faced since the Great Depression.

The Washington Monthly has the story on the Republican governor of Florida:
Florida’s wildly-unpopular far-right governor, Rick Scott (R), traveled to a retirement community in Central Florida yesterday known for being the most Republican retirement community in the state. Scott was there to sign his new state budget, which helps demonstrate his priorities and commitment to looking out for his most vulnerable constituents.


All told, Scott’s budget throws 4,500 Floridians out of work as a way to help lower unemployment. No, I don’t understand it, either.

If the unemployment rate gets stubborn about falling in the next few months, just remember Florida governor Rick Scott (R) and a dozen other governors who don't care if they throw people out of work. Their job is to help the people who pay their bills: wealthy conservatives who could care less what's going on in America.



Anonymous S.W. Anderson said...

Your right, of course, but keep in mind there's another aspect to what Scott, Snyder, Kasich and the rest are doing. They look at it this way:

I've got three and a half years before my next election. Obama's got half that. I want a radical-right Republican like me to replace Obama, and raising the Misery Index as high as possible will only help make that happen. So, why should I be the least bit concerned about throwing 4,500 people out of work? Hell, I'd try to throw 10,000 out of work if it would take us back to the good old days when Bush was president and Republicans like McConnell, Hastert and DeLay ran Congress.

7:47 PM  

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