Friday, April 07, 2006

Bush and the Iraq Debacle

It's becoming difficult to figure out how extensive the killings are in Iraq. A quick count of the deaths in the last 24 hours seems to be at least 90 deaths of Iraqi civilians in a civil war that is growing increasingly violent. Bush insists that the media publish more happy news from Iraq. If Iraq begins to sustain 90 deaths a day, that's over 28,000 killings a year in a country with less than 10% of the population of the US (I've been reading population figures running from 24 million in Iraq to 27 million; the 27 million figure only showed up in recent months after three years of the lower figures). It would be useful for Congress to hold hearings on the current conditions in Iraq so that at least Bush's top advisers can be called in to explain themselves and why "staying the course" is considered such a brilliant strategy.

Today in Iraq usually has a long summary of the day's news in each daily post and today I particularly recommend it for those wondering why there isn't more 'happy' news from Iraq. Today's post is particularly moving and grim (note the post was put up early this morning before the death toll rose on the Mosque attack).


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