Friday, July 21, 2006

Our Very Secret Office of the Vice President

It's bad enough that the Bush Administration is incompetent and reckless (that includes the V.P.). They want to do everything they can to hide their incompetence and recklessness. Tom Englehardt of TomDispatch has a post on how difficult it is to find out what our Vice President is doing these days and what kind of programs he seems to have going on:
Imagine a government in which the names of those who worked as key aides in the office of the second (if not, arguably, the first) most important official in the country were not available. Oh gosh, there is such a government -- and it's ours....

Go read. Maybe it's Bush's job to act as the class clown while Cheney stays out of sight. Republicans in Congress, as usual, are totally incurious.


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