Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Bush, Condi Rice and the Neocons

As the intellectuals of the neoconservative movement become increasingly delusional following the failures of their poorly considered schemes, Condi Rice, not my favorite Secretary of State, is being attacked by these Republican dead-enders. Mahablog has an excellent post on the increasing dysfunction of Bush, his neocon supporters and Condi Rice; here's just a short excerpt:
Last month Insight published an article titled “Dump Condi” that is riddled with dire warnings about accommodation and appeasement. Real Men don’t accommodate; they dictate. The neocons complain that Rice’s “ignorance of the Middle East” is hindering U.S. foreign policy. They expect Rice to be “transferred” after the November midterms, because by that time by that time “even Mr. Bush will recognize the failure of relying solely on diplomacy in the face of Iran’s nuclear weapons program.”

Right now it’s hard to know exactly what Mr. Bush’s recognizes. Fred Kaplan writes in Slate that Bush doesn’t seem to understand his own foreign policy.

Make no mistake: there are Republicans in and out of the Bush Administration who are doing their best to drag the United States into a third war. It's time to restore sanity to Washington. The voters need to make their voices heard.


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