Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hillary Clinton as Majority Leader?

I like Hillary Clinton but I've felt for some time that she's following events rather than leading events. Her husband and top adviser, Bill Clinton, was a brilliant president but I'm not sure that even he is keeping up with some seismic shifts in the landscape. Hillary's a solid Democrat and very smart but I have problems believing she's the best candidate for president in the Democratic camp. She's a good consensus builder and the best job for her may be in the role of majority/minority leader of the Democrats. Steve Clemons of The Washinton Note has a tentative story (with denials attached) on the possibility that Reid may eventually step down to make way for Hillary Clinton:
Harry Reid May Ask Senator Clinton to Preempt Presidential Ambitions to Succeed Him as Senate Majority/Minority Leader

Some high level Democratic Party political insiders have shared with TWN details of a potential shift in vectors for several of the major political stars in that party.

First of all, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, whom most give high marks for the manner in which he has stewarded the Dems in the Senate despite the absence of a clear Democratic Party chief, has sent private signals to Senator Hillary Clinton and other stalwarts of the party that he "would like to" step down from his post in early 2009. Reid has not stated definitively that he will -- but he apparently prefers "whipping" the Party from behind and the side rather than serving as commander-in-chief on the Senate floor.

I would take the story with a grain of salt and it may turn out that in the coming months Hillary will find her presidential footing but Hillary's place in history may be as majority leader rather than as president.


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