Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bush Too Incompetent to Do Anything But Talk

With Karl Rove's help, George W. Bush is really a Madison Avenue type with a cowboy hat. It's his job, apparently, to sell the right wing nonsense of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. Too bad. Our nation could have used a real president. Imagine a president with the backbone to cut Cheney and Rumsfeld down to size. Instead, we get public relations. In that vein, we can report that Bush's Katrina PR blitz fell over like a lead balloon. Now he's going to push the Iraq angle by running it up the flag to see if anyone salutes. If anyone else can remember bad cliches from Madison Avenue, feel free to add them in comments.

Bush, who isn't particularly honest or competent, is at it again; here's Deb Reichmann of AP in the Los Angeles Times:
President Bush is kicking off another series of speeches to counter opposition to the war in Iraq, impatience with the rising U.S. death toll and anxiety about possible terrorist attacks.

Bush delivers the first speech Thursday to the annual American Legion convention in Salt Lake City. The appearances will continue through the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks and culminate on Sept. 19 when Bush addresses the U.N. Security Council.

It is the third time in less than a year that Bush has made a series of speeches on Iraq and terrorism. They come two months before congressional elections and at a point when Bush's approval rate is at 33 percent in the August AP-Ipsos poll. His approval on handling of Iraq also was at 33 percent in the poll.

Bush says we can't 'cut and run' in Iraq but he can't bother to say anymore why we went there in the first place. Bush says we have to finish the job in Iraq, but he ran off to Iraq without finishing the job in Afghanistan. We all remember Afghanistan, the place where Osama bin Laden was hiding? Afghanistan's a mess. And we all remember that Osama bin Laden was responsible for 9/11, but we're in Iraq? Bush has to finish the job in Iraq because he never caught Osama bin Laden who's in Pakistan. I agree that reasoning sounds weird but it's not my reasoning, it's the president's.

Like I said, it's too bad our nation doesn't have a real president. We're stuck with him for another two years. And it's too bad we don't have a real Congress. You know, those guys elected by the people who don't put up with any nonsense from a president who isn't competent and who isn't honest? But we can elect such a Congress this fall.


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