Thursday, August 10, 2006

Terrorist Alerts Must Mean Election Is Close

Watching the news, you would almost think Bush and Joe Lieberman singlehandedly caught the terrorists. Somehow Scotland Yard and the Pakistani police get overlooked in Bush's PR universe. Even Cheney who keeps saying the insurgents are 'in their last throes' wants to crank the fear machine in time for the election. Like I said, let's stop pretending Bush and his friends know what they're doing. Steve Clemons of The Washington Note offers his thoughts:
I was flipping through the channels briefly this evening and caught Sean Hannity saying that if the Connecticut primary race had been held next Tuesday rather than yesterday, Lieberman probably would have won.

Just think, Joe Lieberman might not then have been blasting his constituents and the Democratic Party as well as Ned Lamont as appeasers of terrorism. Those words are going to be tough for Lieberman to walk back when he realizes he's ticked off a good number of Dems and Independents who thought Lieberman was more judicious and thoughtful than his knee-jerk outbursts demonstrated.

But Hannity's comment was actually useful.

Can Lieberman win without FEAR? Can Cheney and Rove win another election without FEAR?

The gang that can't shoot straight wants another free pass to do whatever it is that they do. But anybody who's paying attention knows Bush's cowboy foreign policy is a bust. Even Wyatt Earp didn't kick his friends in the ribs, shoot up half the honest residents of Tombstone and let most of the Clanton Gang go before going to Sonora to shoot up some villagers. If anyone can point out anything useful that Bush has accomplished in the last five years, let me know. All I see is incompetence, failure and destruction by the leader of the most powerful nation in the world. We need a Congress that will take away the keys to Bush's wrecking ball and restore some semblance of order. The latest terrorist plot appears to have been stopped by ordinary police work. That's something to think about.


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