Friday, November 24, 2006

Bush Refuses to Rein in Cheney

What has Cheney done for America lately? Not much that I can tell. Bush claims that he wants a bipartisan relationship with the new Congress. If so, shouldn't he rein in Dick Cheney who has been the source of so many blunders and reckless acts? Cheney gave us no-bid contracts for Halliburton. Cheney gave us a strange government within a government. And Cheney has still not accepted responsibility for outing a CIA agent. To this date, Bush has not asked for accountability from his vice president; that amounts to an endorsement.

A sign that we're going to see more of the same from Bush and Cheney can be seen in several places, including this story from MSNBC:
U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney will travel to Saudi Arabia on Friday for a meeting with King Abdullah to discuss issues of "mutual interest" in the Middle East, Cheney's office said.

Their talks come as the White House weighs a shift in strategy on Iraq amid raging violence there and after huge losses for President George W. Bush's Republican Party in U.S. elections dominated by voter frustration over his war policy.

I see no sign of a shift from Cheney and no sign of admitting his own blunders in the last six years. If Bush wants to salvage something from his last two years in the White House, it is time to rein in the very secretive and very incompetent vice president.


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