Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Republican Fiasco: Choice Is Between Bad and Very Bad

The Republican pragmatists refuse to stand up. For all practical purposes, the pragmatists are politically dead in the Republican Party. By blackmailing the American people, the tea party Tories are about to give us either a bad deal (a compromise where Republican right wingers get most of what they want) or a very bad deal (where Republicans get almost everything they want). That's assuming the tea party zealots don't simply cause the US to go into default, in which case, it's anybody's guess what will happen next.

Even the wealthy billionaires who paid for the tea party movement are beginning to wonder what they have unleashed.

Healthy economic activity in the modern world depends on pragmatism and it depends on reasonable expectations. Do not expect the economy to do well if Republicans create chaos while also killing jobs and the economy.

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Anonymous S.W. Anderson said...

Republicans don't want the economy to do well. What they do want is for the misery index to be as high as possible. They see that as their ticket to retaking the White House and Senate. Everything they're doing and refusing to do is calculated on that basis.

11:54 PM  
Blogger Craig said...

S.W., thanks for the comments. The recklessness of the current Republican Party is something to behold. The tea party folks say they want to turn the clock back to the 1920s, before the new deal. I think too many of them are aiming for 1932.

At my local post office, the tea party folks have a table in front with two large posters on the sidewalk with showing Obama with a Hitler moustache. Ugly times indeed. Right wing Republicans are incapable of recognizing their failures over the last 30 years and they are unable to accept responsibility for the real estate bubble, the lack of oversight by Bush, and the current economic conditions.

A quick word on free0352 on your blog. The chances are high that he did not seek advice about his political activity on his own. It is likely that his activities came to the attention of his superiors and they called him out on the carpet and read the riot act on what he can do and not do. The military has bent the rules a little for personnel who are on the Internet. But the military has not been pleased. There are usually career consequences, if I understand it right, but otherwise that's usually the end of it. I know of two cases under Bush and one under Obama.

3:36 PM  

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