Monday, July 24, 2006

Bush Insists His Campaign Contributors Are Honest Boy Scouts

It appears that if Bush can't pass a repeal of the estate tax, he'll just cut back on enforcing the law (thereby breaking it himself); Kevin Drum of The Washington Monthly has the latest on Bush's one set of rules for his friends and that other set of rules for the rest of us:
See, back when Clinton was president rich people cheated on their taxes a lot. It was all part of the decline in honor and dignity that the Clinton White House presided over, and that's why he was forced to hire more estate tax lawyers during the 90s.

But that all changed when George Bush was elected, and now rich people feel downright embarrassed about using sophisticated estate planning services and dodgy asset valuation schemes to reduce their estate tax liability. This newfound respect for the law means that we just don't need all those lawyers anymore. The super-rich can be trusted to do the right thing all on their own.

Perhaps Bush and his right wing friends carry a moral compass in their pockets that has dollar signs in all directions—they can never go wrong.


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