Saturday, July 22, 2006

Pew Survey on Global Warming

I live in northern California twenty miles from the coast. It was 108 degrees today. I can't remember the last time it got that hot.

We had a record hurricane season last year that a number of scientists believe was caused by global warming. This year, we're setting records and the first six months was the hottest in the history of the United States. Is global warming real yet?

Here's some interesting numbers on those who believe in global warming and those who don't from The Pew Research Center (hat tip to The Oil Drum):
Americans generally agree that the earth is getting warmer, but there is less consensus about the cause of global warming or what should be done about it. Roughly four-in-ten (41%) believe human activity such as burning fossil fuels is causing global warming, but just as many say either that warming has been caused by natural patterns in the earth's environment (21%), or that there is no solid evidence of global warming (20%).

The public also is divided over the gravity of the problem. While 41% say global warming is a very serious problem, 33% see it as somewhat serious and roughly a quarter (24%) think it is either not too serious or not a problem at all. Consequently, the issue ranks as a relatively low public priority, well behind education, the economy, and the war in Iraq.

In reading the survey, I kept finding that odd and very stubborn 19-28% that seems to form the base for the Republican party.


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