Monday, July 24, 2006

John Bolton Failing as UN Ambassador

For the last two months, there have been discussions in the media that Bush is moving towards diplomacy and multilateral cooperation. Unfortunately, Bush hasn't gotten around to telling our UN Ambassador John Bolton who specializes in right wing arrogance. Think Progress has the story from five other UN ambassodors and one ex-UN official:
Last year, Sen. George Voinovich eloquently made the case against the nomination of John Bolton, stating, “I’m afraid that his confirmation will tell the world that we’re not dedicated to repairing our relationship or working as a team.” Voinovich now intends to support Bolton, but his original concerns turned out to be well-founded.

In just over a year at the U.N., Bolton has managed to offend many U.S. friends and allies, demonstrating that he’s an ineffective diplomat:


An ambassador with close ties to the Bush administration: “My initial feeling was, let’s see if we can work with him, and I have done some things to push for consensus on issues that were not easy for my country. … But all he gives us in return is, ‘It doesn’t matter, whatever you do is insufficient.’ … He’s lost me as an ally now, and that’s what many other ambassadors who consider themselves friends of the U.S. are saying.”

Instead of helping other Republicans to circle the wagons around a failing president, Voinovich ought to reconsider. Otherwise, he and other Republicans might as well start calling for a military draft because that's where Bush is taking us. There, I said it. We all knew that word would find its way back.


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