Monday, July 24, 2006

Republican Conservatives in a War of Words

I hate to belabor Bush's failed presidency and failed foreign policy, but there's a growing danger of a self-inflicted crisis almost on the order of the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962; that crisis is not the Middle East, not Iran, not Iraq, not North Korea, though every one of them involve serious problems that have to be dealt with; the crisis is the dysfunctional presidency of George W. Bush and the possibility that we may slip into a third war whether President Bush wishes it or not. Almost nothing can be dealt with effectively until the United States has a rational and functional foreign policy again.

The pessimist at The Left Coaster has a long post that repeats one article I've linked to but that otherwise elaborates further on the war of words breaking out on the Republican right (the post is sometimes sarcastic but stick with it; it's important).

One last point. There may be a ceasefire in the Middle East before the miderm elections or there may not. A ceasefire would be very welcome but the fundamental problems in Washington will remain while major problems are still being poorly handled or just outright ignored. Diplomacy requires work, not just a handful of phone calls or one or two shuttle flights; the administration is not minding the store.


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